Rudesign / GOmotion / Yutaka Kitamura

touched by strangers

2009年 ニューヨーク大学(NYU)、ITPコースのプロジェクトBig ScreensでMr.Alexander Reeder(現Qosmo)と制作したパフォーマンス作品です。

その時の詳しい記事はこちらで(touched by strangers)。

by Alexander Reeder (ITP) + Yutaka Kitamura (IAMAS)
Acting by Rory Nugent and Marie Yagami
Flower photography by Yutaka Kitamura
Jumpsuits by Laura Moore, Pratt Institute and Sarah Lind
Jumpsuit design by Alexander Reeder
Music by Ithai Benjamin
Production by Alexander Reeder

Special thanks to…
IAC for making this possible
Bekaert Corporation, maker of conductive threads